eCommerce Software

Ecommerce software simplifies complex processes in a friendly user interface that enables people non-technical backgrounds to oversee an entire eCommerce operation. Most business entrepreneurs struggle when trying to pick the best eCommerce software. Completely trustworthy and effective software is not available in the market. Considering those scenarios, World Soft BD is going to launch an excellent, total solution eCommerce software. We want to help you find your way from all the competition to choose the top eCommerce software so that you can make a wise decision when implementing an online business.

Point of Sale (POS)

If you are still maintaining a paper-based business process for items, sales, purchase, and inventory, our new POS software is perfect for you. Although, record keeping is not difficult, yet generating reports has become a major problem area in the current manual business process. So, considering this contemporary issue, World Soft BD is going to introduce perfect, affordable and upgraded POS software into the market. We shall deliver complete web-based POS software with bar-code generation and bar-code incorporation by which you will able to manage multiple shops from a single point through the internet.