Market Management System

Market Management System is a comprehensive, easy-to-use system of World Soft BD for the market owner or property owner. The differences between our system and our competitors are so unique and fundamental that we are vividly contemplated an innovatively new concept in the market management system. Market Management System keeps track of multiple owners, multiple tenants and multiple users under a single online platform. Market Management System is a diversified, multi-mode added, comprehensive system to manage space (commercial or store), tenants, new tenants, sell and mutation records, income & expenditure, bill & voucher, revenue & corporate tax, etc. A lot of features are integrated into this system which is very easy to access, easy to operate and easy to manage. With the help of this system, a market owner can save their valuable time and money, make their day to day activities convenient, flawless and action-oriented.

Our Market Management System is more updated with relevant features, modules, and functions. We have developed this system by aiming that market owners can able to manage their administrative work very quickly, correctly and effortlessly by using the advantage of technology.

Why You Choose Our Market Management System

Our Market Management System is incorporated multi-functions with relevant options to manage all activities under a single platform. This is definitely user-friendly which is designed on the basis of the research on need analysis of market owners. We have kept a provision to work day to day with our clients to find, develop, and incorporate the best solution. We are the best in terms of the following characteristics:

  • User-friendly - easy to use with basic computer knowledge
  • Data flawless and 100% accuracy
  • A 24×7 support - maintenance and support continues before and after the sales
  • Secure Data - the encrypted server keeps all institute data safe
  • Multiple device support - can be accessed using the phone, tablet or personal computer
  • Continuously updating for best performances
  • Quality assurance
  • Very affordable - cost-effective
  • Quick action with a comprehensive reaction
  • Track a huge database of owner and tenant in a single panel
  • Income & expenditure at a glance (can easily track, where you are)
  • Easily can evaluate the performances
  • Auto monitoring the status of the owner, tenant and new tenant, revenue and tax
  • Create bill and voucher automatically
  • Have a provision to judge business status
  • Less time consuming
  • Result oriented

Top Features of Market Management System

  • A flexible dashboard with an overall view of total spaces and tenants, total income and expenditure of mutation, overall monthly income-expenditure
  • Space management (overall status of space type, status, owner, tenant, business type manage, search, filter & print page
  • Automatically fill the info of existing owner in case of buying any new space
  • New mutation can be easily done by editing previous information
  • After-sales & mutation you can show owners, space & accounts info.
  • Based on your desired criteria, the new tenant can be created easily.
  • Add unlimited courses, their durations, and fees
  • Easily view the overall status of owner wise space, member-wise space, space-wise owner, space owner history
  • Can easily find out total income and expenditure scenario
  • Easily show date-wise expense report.
  • Automatically generate revenue & corporate tax.
  • An overview of owner wise revenue and corporate tax collected.
  • Able to manage due collections and deposits.
  • Easily can take print any desired report.
  • Can able to handle unlimited database.

Key Segment of the Market Management System

  • Space management
  • Sell and mutation management
  • Owner management
  • Member management
  • Tenant management
  • User management
  • Floor management
  • Income and expenditure management
  • Inquiry and notification management

Our Package Plan for the Prospective Client



  • Unlimited Data
  • Exciting Management Modules
  • Including Server and Installation Cost
  • Training
  • Email Support


  • Unlimited Data
  • Exciting Management Modules
  • Including Extra Modules
  • Including Server and Installation Cost
  • Training
  • Email Support
  • Customization Support

Payment Procedure

  • 50% payment during work order and rest of 50% payment need to finalize before completion of the project
  • Mode of payment will be Accounts Pay Cheque or Cash
  • Excluded all Tax, VAT as per government policy
  • Other charges (if any) as per company policy